Small Town Big Deal Season 12

Small Town Big Deal

Small Town Big Deal Season 12

Season 12 of Small Town Big Deal is like a “love letter to America” and all she has to offer! We think you’ll love coming along for all the fun. Join Jann Carl, known for her 14-years on Entertainment Tonight, and Rodney Miller for great adventures all across the U.S.

Episode 1: “2018 True Inspiration Awards”
Episode 2: “Auto Mania and Pizza Wars”
Episode 3: “Seen It All”
Episode 4: “Up, Up, & Away”
Episode 5: “Pumpkin Regatta”
Episode 6: “Airplane Boneyard/Daktronics”
Episode 7: “Avast! Pirates Invade the Eastern Seaboard”
Episode 8: “Ranger Days”
Episode 9: “Spicing Things Up!”
Episode 10: “Best Kept Government Secret”
Episode 11: “The Chicken Show”
Episode 12: “Elk Festival”
Episode 13: “Tom Sawyer Days”
Episode 14: “Road Trippin’ in Amish Country”
Episode 15: “It’s a DIRTy Job”
Episode 16: “Czech This Out”
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