Small Town Big Deal

Would you believe two small towns hold a yearly Tug-of-War across the Mississippi River? Or that a meatball weighing in at over 1,700 pounds was created for a local festival? How about playing with nearly 30 baby Budweiser Clydesdales in a small town in Mid-America?  Small Town Big Deal is like a “love letter to America” and all she has to offer!  We think you’ll love coming along for all the fun. Join Jann Carl, known for her 14-years on Entertainment Tonight, and Rodney Miller for great adventures all across the U.S.


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Christmas Across America 2017
Christmas Across America 2018
Christmas Across America 2019
Veterans Day Special 2020
Christmas Across America 2020
Small Town Big Deal 150th Episode Special
Veterans Day Special 2021
Christmas Across America 2021
Christmas Across America 2022
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