The Pointing Dog Social Club Radio Show

Pointing Dog Social Club

The Pointing Dog Social Club Radio Show

The Pointing Dog Social Club Radio Show is a celebration of good dogs, good people, and the great outdoors! We meet every week on the lovely square of Pointing Dog Tennessee. Listen in on a meeting in progress with your host, Dr. John White!

Episode 1 featuring Steve Shepard & Night Train
Episode 2 featuring Mark Lanter & Big Band of Brothers
Episode 3 featuring Robert Bright Thatcher & Tom Brown
Episode 4 featuring David DeLoach
Episode 5 featuring Ashley Sofia
Episode 6 featuring Julia Rich
Episode 7 featuring Colm Gavin
Episode 8 featuring Best of Women Singers
Episode 9 featuring Rick Clark
Episode 10 featuring Don Dixon
Episode 11 featuring Niamh Keane
Episode 12 featuring Lindsay Ellyn
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