Pointing Dog Social Club

The Pointing Dog Social Club is a collaboration among Country Road TV, lilDRAGON Entertainment, The Dixie Theatre, The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, and WKRM Radio. The show is filmed at the famous Dixie Theatre, a classic 1930’s venue located in historic Lewisburg, Tennessee.

Special thanks to the following sponsors:

Robin Howell Foundation, Dwight Hardison, Marshall Farmer’s Coop, Vintage 615 Boutique & Vintage Market, Spicer’s Music, Joy Morrison, Jacky Jack White, Phil Comstock, Gene and Celia Roberson, Ben Tamburello, John Henry, and Jack and Daisy White.

Sets for the Pointing Dog Social Club are created by Annie Resta with support by Vintage 615 Boutique.

Welcome to the Pointing Dog Social Club, come on in and have a seat!

The Pointing Dog Social Club Variety Show
Bird Dog Theater
The Pointing Dog Social Club Radio Show
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