Country’s Family Reunion The Songwriters

Country’s Family Reunion

Country’s Family Reunion The Songwriters

There’s a saying in Nashville, “it all begins with a song.” Some songs have become hits time after time. Ever wonder about the writers? If you do, then you’ll love Country’s Family Reunion The Songwriters. In the Family Reunion tradition, the room is filled with some of the best writers Nashville has to offer. Over the years, these songwriters have filled the charts with their songs, and now we’re about to get the story of those songs by the people who wrote them! They share it all, from the heart breaks to the hits and everything in-between. Some songs took years to write, while a few took only minutes. It’s all here in The Songwriters!

This 4 Episode series features 22 of the most successful country songwriters in HISTORY. Songs like “The Gambler,” “All My Exes Live in Texas,” “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue,” “Four in the Morning,” “16th Avenue,” “Murder on Music Row,” “Always On My Mind,” and MANY others were written by the songwriters in this series.

The Songwriters Episode 1
The Songwriters Episode 2
The Songwriters Episode 3
The Songwriters Episode 4
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