T.G. Sheppard sings “Fooled Around and Fell in Love”

T.G. Sheppard left his home in Humboldt, Tennessee, at the age of 15, journeying to Memphis to begin his career in earnest. Using the name Brian Stacy, he released his first record, “High School Days”, which caused a few ripples on the pop charts in 1966. The resulting acclaim brought him gigs as an opening act for some of the biggest acts in America, including The Animals, Jan & Dean and The Beach Boys.
In 1974, T.G. found a song, Bobby David’s “Devil In The Bottle,” that he knew was destined to be a hit, yet had no success in pitching the tune. T.G. decided to cut the song himself. Heading to Nashville, he was signed to Motown. During his first year on the road he scored numerous hits including “Trying To Beat The Morning Home” and “When Can We Do This Again”.
Named “Best New Male Artist” in 1976 by CASH BOX, T.G. signed with Warner Bros. when Motown decided to get out of country music. His career then skyrocketed as he scored 14 consecutive number one songs, including such classics as “Only One You”, “Party Time”, and “War Is Hell (On The Homefront)”.
In 1985, T.G. signed with Columbia Records, where he again found himself at the top of the charts with songs like “Fooled Around And Fell In Love”, “Strong Heart”, and “One For The Money.”

T.G.’s first commercial album in over 13 years “Legendary Friends & Country Duets” was released in October 2015. A 90 minute motion picture length dvd was also filmed as the sessions were recorded and has won the top award for best music documentary at the Tele Awards in Los Angeles, CA.

TG’s new single “I WannaLive Like Elvis” was released this month.

To read more about Sheppard, visit: https://www.tgsheppard.com