Ronny Robbins sings “El Paso”

Ronny Robbins was born July 16, 1949 in his dad’s home state of Arizona. It wasn’t too long until Marty Robbins moved the family to Nashville in 1953 and joined the Opry at the urging of Little Jimmy Dickens.

Once settled in Nashville Ronny was able to have a dog, a collie named Mickey. “He was a great dog, he lived long enough to see me get my driver’s license!”

After graduating from high school, Ronny spent a short stent in the military. Once he was discharged, he followed in his dad’s footsteps performing under the name Mary Robbins Jr. He toured and recorded under this name in the late 1960s and early 1970s before deciding it was time to use establish his own identity and started using his name of Ronny Robbins.

Following Marty’s death in 1983, Ronny took to the road to finish out his dad’s tour schedule. He now manages Marty Robbins Enterprises.

He and his wife Cathy married August 21, 1983 and have a daughter and a son and two grandchildren.