Welcome to The Jason Coleman Show! Nashville pianist Jason Coleman carries on the family piano tradition of his legendary grandfather Floyd Cramer in this Country piano concert series. In each episode, Jason pays tribute to a different era, style, or artist from throughout Country music history with a piano concert played in the signature “slip-note” style of his grandfather. Broadcasting from their own living room, Jason and his family invite you into their home for a feel-good time of music and memories together!

Ep. 1 – Floyd Cramer & The Nashville Sound
Ep. 2 – ’50s Country Gold
Ep. 3 – ’60s Country Gold
Ep. 4 – ’70s Country Gold
Ep. 5 – ’80s Country Gold
Ep. 6 – Legendary Ladies of Country Part 1: “We Remember…”
Ep. 7 – Legendary Ladies of Country Part 2: “Living Legends”
Ep. 8 – America The Beautiful
Ep. 9 – Old Time Gospel Piano Favorites
Ep. 10 – What is a Floyd Cramer Slip-Note?
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