Small Town Big Deal Season 13

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Small Town Big Deal Season 13

On this exciting season, Jann and Rodney continue their adventures around America. From historic Route 66, Ventriloquist Conventions, Dragon Boat Races, all the way to Nut Festivals, Season 13 is packed with adventure! Small Town Big Deal is like a “love letter to America” and all she has to offer! We think you’ll love coming along for all the fun. Join Jann Carl, known for her 14-years on Entertainment Tonight, and Rodney Miller for great adventures all across the U.S.

Episode 1 – “Talking Heads”
Episode 2 – “Highway to History”
Episode 3 – “Going Nuts!”
Episode 4 – “Dragon Boat Races”
Episode 5 – “High School Football Alabama”
Episode 6 – “West Virginia Bridge Day”
Episode 7 – “Apple Scrapple & Neon Boneyard”
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