Tribute Series Volume Ten: Moe Bandy & Gene Watson

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Tribute Series Volume Ten: Moe Bandy & Gene Watson

Today we celebrate both Moe Bandy & Gene Watson!
For Over 17 years, Country’s Family Reunion and Larry’s Country Diner have been asking Country Legends to spend time together, tell their stories, and sing their biggest songs. Everyone shares the space together and it’s a wonderful experience! For some of our artist, they’ve been on our shows so many times, it’s hard to remember all the various stories and songs they’ve told and sung. So we thought it high time that we celebrated some individual artists with their very own tribute shows. Taken from over 17 years of footage, this series is truly a walk down memory lane with each artist represented. Welcome to the Country’s Family Reunion Tribute Series!

Tribute Series Volume Ten: Gene Watson & Moe Bandy
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