The Joey + Rory Show

The Joey + Rory Show celebrates regular life with two Country stars at home, on the road, and in their kitchens! Living their lives out loud and together, Joey and Rory’s love comes alive on camera and in their music. Husband-and-wife Country Music duo Joey and Rory Feek welcome viewers into their Pottsville, Tenn., farmhouse as they share the music, stories and behind-the-scenes footage from the decade they have spent in the business. Despite finding success and critical acclaim in that genre, the two have not forgotten their roots, which explains why they still live on the same farm where they have been living and raising kids and corn for 10 years.

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Episode 1: Bib & Buckle Fest 2012
Episode 2: How We Met
Episode 3: Marcy Jo’s Mealhouse
Episode 4: Trip To Joey’s Hometown
Episode 5: Our Daughter’s Wedding
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