Nadine “Born to Be Riled”

Have you ever wondered the story behind Nadine, the sassy church lady on the hit RFD-TV show “Larry’s Country Diner?” Who is she, REALLY?? The character of Nadine, played by Mona Brown, began as something of a “shtick” at her local Tennessee church. Mona employed the character of Nadine comical way to welcome fellow church members for their annual Valentine’s Banquet–playfully greeting and gossiping about them as they arrived. Larry Black, the creator of “Larry’s Country Diner,” is also a member of the church and loved her performances. Black recognized her natural comic talent and extended an invitation to join him on the soon-to-be hit television show.
Mona credits her upbringing as a minister’s daughter as a major inspiration for her character. She claims Nadine is a compilation of various personalities she met at the various churches she has attended throughout her life. Much of Nadine’s charm comes from her ability to make folks laugh about life and church-related topics and that she is not afraid to share her opinion in any conversation. Nadine never fails to nag the other characters and special guests on the show in a light-hearted comical manner.
Mona appears as Nadine not only on “Larry’s Country Diner,” on television, but she also performs on the Larry’s Country Diner/Country’s Family CFR cruise each year and travels with the cast for the occasional road show. Mona also performs as an inspirational solo comedian, sharing a powerful testimony about how faith carried her through the hard times of losing her father early in life, living through divorce, remarrying and adjusting to mixed family, and surviving breast cancer. Mona has also created a number of Nadine-related merchandise items, including a dessert cookbook, CDs, DVD, and a book filled with Nadine’s favorite church signs. More information can be found at and