Jan Howard Sings “Too Many Teardrops”

Born in West Plains, Missouri on March 13, 1929, Jan Howard was the eighth of eleven children. She had three sons of her own before she was 20 years old.
In 1960, Jan scored her first solo Top Ten hit with “The One You Slip Around With”. That same year, she moved to Nashville and made her first appearance on the Grand Ole Opry. She won Billboard magazine’s Most Promising Country Female Award that year, and she brought feminine spunk to The Nashville Sound.
In 1963 Jan had a Top 40 hit with “I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again”, but it was a couple years later that her career really caught fire. Jan’s string of gutsy hits included “What Makes A Man Wander” (1965), “Evil On Your Mind” (1966), “Bad Seed” (1966), “Roll Over And Play Dead” (1967), “Count Your Blessings Woman” (1968), “We Had All The Good Things Going” (1969), “Rock Me Back To Little Rock” (1970), “Love Is Like A Spinning Wheel” (1971), and “Let Him Have It” (1972).
Between 1965 and 1973, Jan teamed with Bill Anderson to form one of country’s hottest duos on the road, on his syndicated TV show, and on record. Their hits included “I Know You’re Married” (1966), “If It’s All The Same To You” (1969), and “Someday We’ll Be Together”(1970).
Jan’s proudest composition is 1968’s “My Son”, a moving recitation that began as a letter to her son in Vietnam. Jan’s plea for the safe return of her son Jimmy had been released for two weeks when he was killed.
In 1987 Jan released her candid, compelling, and best-selling autobiography titled Sunshine and Shadow.
Jan has the gift of communicating the emotions of life through her music. Her love of life touches everyone she encounters.
To read more about Jan’s amazing story, visit: http://www.janhoward.com