Happy Birthday, Howard Bellamy!

Happy Birthday to Howard Bellamy!  Born on February 2, 1946 in Dade City, FL, the elder Bellamy brother has found major musical success along with his brother, David.  The Bellamy Brothers first found fame back in the 1970s, starting with their number one hit, “Let Your Love Flow.”  The song was a smash on the Pop charts but found more modest success on the Country charts.  However, in 1979, the duo gained much more traction in Country Music with their release of “If I Said You Have a Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me)” in 1979.  After those two songs, it was hit after hit all around the world with songs like “Redneck Girl,” “Old Hippie,” etc.  They’ve had twenty number one hits to be exact.

The Bellamy Brothers | YouTube Screen Grab

Howard and David Bellamy continue a vigorous touring International schedule to this day, holding over 200 shows per year.  According to bellamybrothers.com/about, the guys draw more people in their live shows now than they did back in the 80s.1*  While they’re not on the road or in airplanes, the Bellamy Brothers spend time on their 150 acre ranch near Tampa, FL.  The ranch has been in the Bellamy family since 1870 and has been the subject of the show, “Honky Tonk Ranch.”

Check out the video below of The Bellamy Brothers performing, “Let Your Love Flow” from Larry’s Country Diner.  To see more Country Entertainment, head on over to www.countryroadtv.com.  While you’re there, be sure to sign up for a FREE TRIAL of Country Road TV!

* About. The Bellamy Brothers. https://bellamybrothers.com/about/

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