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    My name is Adam Black, and my team and I are trying to create a Country Road Community where folks who love the country lifestyle can hangout and talk about what interests them— their favorite artists, their favorite pastimes, what they want to see next on our Country Road TV network. VERY excited to have a Fan Forum to communicate directly with the folks we’re making this network for.



    My name is Dan Vickery. My wife and I moved to Columbia, Tennessee last October [2018]. We made the move from upstate NY [Johnsonville… northeast of Albany]. We had visited the area many times since 2012 and when I retired from teaching [31 years] in June of 2017 it opened up the opportunity. One of the main reasons we moved was to be a part of what is happening at Cross Country Cowboy Church.

    I was a bass guitar player in a blues band in upstate NY [the Agape Blues Company] but my first love was country music and I wanted to return to my roots. Besides bass guitar I play acoustic, lap steel [make and play my own guitars], am dabbling in dobro and my wife bought me a two-pedal pedal steel guitar… all for me to spend my retirement learning how to play better.

    As I make more connections I will be looking to ‘jam’ with other musicians in the area. I have been playing at Marcy Jo’s Bakery with Danny Potter on Sundays following church service.

    I was introduced to Country Road TV through my church and look forward to seeing how this endeavor grows. Special thanks to the Black family for creating this site with the video archive. Looking forward to seeing many live events as well.



    My name is Brenda. I grew up on country music, but only after moving back to Missouri to take care of a sick parent did I discover Larry’s Country Diner and Country’s Family Reunion. I live out in Arizona now without cable/satellite TV, so I don’t get regular access to the shows anymore.
    Been on two cruises and am looking forward to going again sometime.
    Back in August 2012, I had the opportunity to be in the audience for a taping of Larry’s Country Diner. Long story short, it was the 2-hour Christmas show. I would love to have a copy of it or be able to view it again, but I haven’t been able to find anyplace to purchase it. So Adam, is there a chance y’all could make the Christmas episodes of Larry’s Country Diner available here on the Country Road TV network? 🙂


    Adam Black

    Hi Brenda! So cool to hear how you found our stuff… I’ll have to look into the 2012 Christmas Episodes… I’m sure we can locate them for you. Give me a few days to figure it out :).


    Adam Black

    Hi Dan!

    So sorry I’m JUST now replying to your introduction ;). Country Road TV has an OFFICE in Downtown Columbia TN. You should drop by and say hello! We are also looking at broadcasting the sermons from the Country Church. Kinda cool how small the world can be. Thanks for being here!

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