Collin Raye sings “Love Me”

Floyd Collin Wray, also known as “Collin Raye,” was born on August 22, 1960 in De Queen, Arkansas. Before choosing Collin Raye as his professional artist name, he was also referred to as “Bubba Wray” and first recorded under a group called “The Wrays.”
As a child, Collin grew up listening to his mother, Lois Wray, perform locally and as an opening act for several Sun Records recording artists, including Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Carl Perkins. As Collin got older, his mother would occasionally invite him and his brother to perform onstage with her which eventually lead to the formation of The Wray Brothers Band (The Wrays).
In 1991, he made his debut solo album, All I Can Be, under the new spelling of his name. The record produced the number-one single “Love, Me,” and was the first of four consecutive albums to achieve a platinum certification in the United States.
Raye maintained several top-10 records throughout the late 90s through the early 2000s. Raye lost the streak with the album Can’t Back Down in 2001 and was dropped by his independent record label shortly thereafter.
Raye charted 30 singles on the U.S. country charts between 1991 and 2007 and has also appeared twice on the Adult Contemporary charts as a duet partner on two Jim Brickman songs. In addition to his album success, Raye’s singles 1992’s “Love, Me” and “In This Life”, 1995’s “My Kind of Girl”, and 1998’s “I Can Still Feel You” all made their way to the number one spot on the Billboard charts.
Raye has recorded a total of 11 studio albums, including a holiday album and a compilation of lullabies, in addition to releasing a Greatest Hits compilation, a live album, and a live CD/DVD package.
In 2005, Collin signed a record deal with Aspirion under which he released his album, Twenty Years and Change. He also appeared in select television commercials for Fruit of the Loom in which he sang the jingle for advertisement.
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